Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Lust After: Lotsa Lamps

Some of my favourite bloggers (who have awesome taste) 
have been blogging about interesting lights
(including GemGeorgina & Queen Marie )
and quite a few have also caught my eye, 
so I thought I'd collect together my favourite ones in one post

Aren't these lamps adroable,
as far as I can tell  its they are French Bulldogs,
Really different and quirky too

I instantly thought of this lamp when I saw the Ben Di Lisi ones,
Oh Em Gee it's a bunny :)
a little more affordable too!

As far as I can tell this bunny lamp came first,
a little too similar no?
But obviously much more expensive

And once I'd found 2 rabbit lamps I was on a roll
I loove this pink one,
and I like that they light from the inside
so the whole bunny glows

And bunny lamps are not just for the grown-up
this children's version is so sweet,
and the best bit is even though it's for children
grown-ups can buy it if they want to!

Cream Tea Time Ceramic Lamp £110 Laura Ashley

But if you're a proper grown-up
you might prefer something a little more sophisticated like this teacup lamp

Teacups Table Lamp £50 Next

Are you spotting a pattern here??
I find a lovely but pricey lamp,
then I see that next have used it for 'inspiration'!
(in all honestly I like Nexts versions and I would buy them purely on price)

The more I searches,
the more I found!
Incredible lights everywhere,
Varieties of luminous colors
and in loads of different shapes
*at this point my mind was blown*

(but I don't actually need one because I have a lovely red one..
but it's not quite as nice as these)


  1. I love that Next tea cup lamp, amazing! those baby ones are a tad creepy... x

  2. I love that Next tea cup lamp, amazing! those baby ones are a tad creepy... x

  3. these are amazing! oh the woes of being poor haha :( x

    half the world away.

  4. Woooah!!! The teacup on is to die for. So good!

  5. They are so crazy !
    In Liberty, a shop in London, they are even selling skull lamps !

  6. Ohmygosh, this is so cool! I absolutely love the teacup lamp and the bunny nightlight, I would buy them both IF I had the cash, haha. Super cute <3

  7. I actually like the Next bunny lamp more than the expensive one! Now I need to find extra money to buy unnecessary lamps :P