Sunday, 7 August 2011

Lust After: Ridiculous things I would like to buy!

Here is a list of Ridiculous things that I have to try very hard to stop myself buying :)

Large Female Lego Storage Head (around £20)
How rindokulous is this,
seriously incredible, and you can put things inside it!

Stamp Rug (around £700 - £900 depending on the size)
You may have seen these on Goks Fashion Fix or Alan Carr Chatty Man
and oh boy do I want one, they come in lots of different colours too!
 RetroSuperFuture Ciccio Glasses (£150 ish)
I love a good pair of geek glasses
and these are the holy grail!
They are the same as the ones Grace Woodward wears on BINTM

Apple Lamp (£30 from Firebox)
I love anything with apples on,
(I almost bought an apple shaped tv once, true story)
I looove these lamps they are so friggin cute

Quartz Crystal Shard Necklace by Tatty Devine (was £216 now £108)
oh me oh my, this necklace blows my mind,
it couldn't be any more awesome even if it tried!

Last but not least
This gorgeous Leather & Leopard print jacket from ASOS (£160)
Wowzas, I dont think I need to say much about this at all do I!

What are you guys lusting after at the moment??



  1. Haha oh my god! My cousins have those lego heads..TERRIFYING! Wouldn't like to wake up in the night to find that gawking at me! :) x

  2. Oh my God that rug is amazing! I love the apple lamp too. Wonderful!

  3. What are you doing to me, first the Topshop slippers, that are literally sold out everywhere and now the Asos Leather Jacker.. I'm not willing to pay 160quid, as I'm broke! Lol