Thursday, 12 January 2012

What Milly Wore: Aztec Swan

Hi Folks,
So I've not really made a new year resolution persay,
but I am trying to get myself organised, by sorting through my room
and my wardrobes to get rid of what I don't wear

But also I am trying to make use of pieces that I love 
but don't get use out of for some reason.
I'd like to vary my outfits more,
care less what others think of my style,
and experiment a bit!

Here is what I wore Yesterday:
Khaki Quilted Jacket: River Island (last year) £30 ish
I've had so much use out of this jacket but it is yet to be featured on the blog
as I usually wear it just with t-shirt and jeans.
It's kind of barbour esque which I love

Nude / Pale Pink Padlock Bag: M&S (last year) £39 ish
I'm not really an M&S kind of person
but I saw this bag in a magazine and just had to buy it!
and I haven't regretted it,
Its really unique spacious and well made, just wish it was leather!

Black Pearl Cardigan: New Look (sale last year) £9 ish
I never wear this cardigan,
purely because it annoys me that I cant do it up!
I do love the pearl detailings and buttons though.

Swan Digital Print Cropped Top: H&M £19.99
This is a fairly recent purchase that I've just not got round to wearing
I just think the swan is very mysterious looking, 
and I love anything with a photographic or digital print
Also seen on my Clothes Twin Hannah :)

Aztec Bodycon Midi Skirt: River Island £20 this season
I bought this skirt on Tuesday,
I'd had my eye on it for a while, and decided at £20 it was worth it!
I really like the print, that it's high waisted and the midi length
It's amazing!

Black Leggings: £4 Primark
As always, actually need to buy a few more pairs!

I love the clashing prints,
They shouldnt go together but they somehow do!

Black Leather & Tweed Fabric Buckle Boots 'Smoke': Carvela Kurt Geiger
Original Price £180 Sale Price £89 Price after discount code & voucher £49 :)
I love these boots, couldnt believe I got them for such a good price!
I featured them on my blog a couple of months ago 
but didnt think I would be able to afford them
They are really comfy and fur/fuzzy lined.

Think that's everything guys,
Do you like to clash prints?
Have you had any surprise sale bargains?



  1. Ha, I was going to say I have that top and then I saw you mentioned me, so cute isn't it! Love the skirt and cardigan. I had a really similar cardigan from H&M but I lost it at my staff Christmas party a few weeks ago. I'm gutted because it was perfect for going out as it is a similar length to a lot of my dress. If you decided to get rid of this one I'll have it hehe x

    1. hehe, I'm keeping it I'm afraid! You have great taste in tops mrs :)

      is there no way you can get your cardi back, have you tried going to or calling the place you went? or asked any work colleagues??

  2. love the look of the dress and those boots are amazing, you got them at such a bargain price, they should last for years

    1. aww thank you, thats what I was hoping with the boots, keep them forever! x

  3. Brilliant new years resolution! My wardrobe needs a going through and I really want to discover some of my favorites again. I love that swan top xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

    1. it's not as easy as I thought it would be, but it's deffo worth doing! whats the point of owning something and not wearing it?? x

  4. I am loving the orange hair on you! It looks awesomde. Also, that top is pretty much amazing

    1. Awww thanks hun, I'm sticking with the orange for a bit, I quite like it too :)