Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Year: Things I Love

Why hello there,
nice to see you again!
Please excuse my lack of bloggingness,
Christmas retail, means not a lot of free time!
So I thought I'd do a little catch up kind of 'Things I Love' post for you :)

I'm loving:

Orange Hair -
Dyed my hair a lovely shade of copper/orange
and I love it, just wish it was as gorgeous and thick as this girls!

Neutral Eye-Make-Up -
Working a lot means I am really appreciating a 15 minute make-up routine,
including a neutral eye, not as nice as this one though!

Magnetic & Glitter Nail Varnish -
I got loads of magnetic nail varnish for Christmas and I'm loving experimenting with it,
also cant get enough of my Deborah Lippmann glitter polishes!

Pyjamas -
Snuggly Pyjamas ftw :) Got some gorgeous M&S ones.

Christmas Socks -
Whether it's just around the house or peeking over the top of my boots
I'm living in patterned Christmas socks right now.

Biker Boots -
I'm Milly and I'm addicted to biker boots
real leather of course and the more studs  the better

Clashing Prints -
there are so many different kinds of prints I love right now,
galaxy,  fairisle, aztec, navajo, floral, digital, graphic etc
and there is nothing I love more than wearing them all at once!

Rucksacks/Backpacks -
I got the ahmahzing Lazy Oaf Space rucksack for Christmas
and it seems to just go with everything!
I also appreciate that it doesn't fall off your shoulders all the time.

Diet Coke -
I love it, nuff said!

Clinique Chubby Sticks -
Part of my afore mentioned quick make-up look are my clinique chubby sticks,
I have 4 and they add a great pop of hydrating colour

Vintage Scarves -
Whether its tied to my bag, worn as a belt or just around my neck
I love to add a vintage scarf to my outfit, especially chain print ones.

Aztec Duffle Coat -
EEEPP I got this urban outfitters printed blanket duffle coat for Christmas
and I am never taking it off EVER

Snoods -
Chunky knitted snoods wrapped round tonnes of times
make me happy.

Skull Necklaces -
I was also lucky enough to get 2 different skull necklaces for Christmas
and I love wearing them with otherwise demure outfits ;)

Sleeping ZzZzZz -
I love to snooze, nap sleep etc
especially in the middle of the day with a cat by my side!

All Images from WeHeartIt & tumblr, if any belong to you and you want them removed please let me know :)

That is all
thanks for reading lovelies



  1. Ah what an amazing hair colour, bet it looks fab! I'm a massive fan of studded, leather boots too. In fact last year I bought a pair 2.5 sizes too big for me cause they were amazing and the only ones left. Oops!

  2. I adore so much stuff off this list. I loveeeee that rucksack too! xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage