Sunday, 12 September 2010

What Milly Wore: Last Of The Summer Wine

So the summer holibobs is nearly over!
I'm kinda sad, but also quite excited / scared to see what's next!

This week I wore:
Hair Bow: £1 Evans Sale (a prezzie from my mum who works there!)
Polo Shirt: All Saints Sale around £12
Denim Skirt: £5 New Look Sale
Necklace: Fashionology
Beige Ribbed Leggings: ASOS sale
Cream Bag: Topshop Sale

Studded Boots: £50 All Saints Sale!
I cannot tell you how much I love my new boots
£50 reduced from £160 on the website ( but it said £220 on the sticker on the sole??)
so bargainous and pretty comfy too

Today I wore:
Floral Jumpsuit: ASOS Sale
Black T-shirt: TopShop
Black Jersey Waistcoat: New Look

Circus Necklace: Anna Lou Of London (sale)

Metallic Satchel: M&S £30

Cloggs: Clarks £25 Sale!

I totally loved today's outfit,
this is my only jumpsuit,
and I feel like it kinda suit me even though I'm no skinny minnie!
It reminds me I need to keep being more adventurous with my outfits!

Hope you all had an amazing summer hols,
are you sad it's over??

Or excited for the beginnings ahead?

I would love to hear any comments, If you have the time!



  1. Love the floral jumpsuit! I am too old, fat and short to wear one, but if I was in my early 20's I would defo be rocking one! x

  2. The studded boots are wonderful.
    I need some flat ones for the fall.
    Both outfits look very good on you, I can't say which one is better.
    Both very Millyesque!

  3. I love the polo shirt and I am on the search for a jumpsuit but I cannot seem to find the 'perfect' one. I'm gutted summer is over but I'm so looking forward to autumn as it means a new wardrobe and new make up looks :)


  4. Love everything chicken! miss you lovely lady :-( I'm talking about your blog in one of my presentations at uni in Aus! :-D If youre ears start burning in the wee hours of thursday mornin....think of me :-D xxx

  5. I love your new boots!!! They are awesome!!
    a kiss from Spain!