Thursday, 8 April 2010

New Arrival: Mac Haulidge! + NOTD

Good evening ladies!

I'm going to start by showing you my first ever nail of the day!

It's Nude Beige by models own, and I love it!
I quite like the mannequin hand look, and I'm loving concealer lip too lol!
Models own polishes tend to be really good, they hardly ever chip on me,
will deffo be going back for more!

Oh and the reason I've never done a NOTD before,
is because I have pretty diddy stumpy nails, and child hands!
Done even get me started on my thumb nails!


Onto the Haul!
(pic heavy)

This is the order that greeted me today!
I found it so hard to choose what to get!

In the end I chose the Beauty Powder in Shell Pearl,
I bought it to use as a blusher cos I'm pretty pale
The packaging is just too cute!

Its a lovely colour peachy and shimmery,
although I'm super red anyway, I've recently started to wear foundation
which just washes me out completely
So this should give me a bit of colour back!
As me and some of the girlies discusses in the comments of my foundation review!

I also got a lipstick in Blooming Lovely

Its a yummy mauvey colour,
a bit gagaesque!
It looks quite a bit lighter than this in R.L

Aswell as the lipstick and the face powder
I bought 2 of the Pearkglide eyeliners
and one Greasepaint stick

This is A Pearlglide Eyeliner in Blackline
Its black with a old gold shimmer, totally unique

I also got a pearlglide eyeliner in Industrial!
which is seriouslt the most amazing colour ever!
so hard to describe
uber shimmery teal blue,
kinda fairy like!

The swatches on temptalia show these tons better!

Last But not least
I got a Greasepaint Stick in Dirty
which is a brown taupe, with a stunning multicoloured shimmer!

phew that was a lot!

Here are my swatches,
I tried my best

Top is with flash,
bottom with natural light!

I love everything I bought

wish I would have bought some lip markers too
but not enough funds!

do you own anything from these collections??
what do you think of the mannequin hands look??
and do you know anyone with funny thumbs like me?
I'm thinking of starting a support group :P



  1. I loveee the look of that polish. need to try some MO soon I think.

    Great haul but I really didn't like these collecs! :D

  2. I'm loving the polish! My sister has exactly the same thumbs as you! I think they're cute!
    I love the look of Shell Pearl, it's like a blusher and highlighter in one!
    I got Blooming Lovely too, I love the colour but I think I'm gonna have to force myself to wear it because it's quite unusual!

  3. Daww your child hands are cuuute! :D haha. And your nails aren't really stumpy, you just have a wide thumbnail that's all! I don't know what all the fuss was about and as a reader I DEMAND more NOTDs. :P

  4. I really like the polish on you but i think it would look awful on me :P
    Blooming Lovely looks so pretty! I love the packaging of the Liberty collection but have dupes of most of the products i like.

  5. Bicky: yeah do try MO i've been impressed with everything I've bought off them, especially their brushes and nail varnishes!

    Laura: aww glad you think my thumbs are cut I hate them! I saw your mac post and was like wow you have good taste!

    Leanne: lol yay for child hands, I promise to do more NOTDs, I might aswell as I now do them nice quite alot!

    Lillian: yeah my main reason for getting the mac stuff was the packaging! I'm relativly new to the world of good make-up so Im only just building up my collection, its getting expensive!

    thanks for all the comments girlies!


  6. I love the pale nail look. I fell in love with OPI Tickle My Francey for relatively the same effect. It's perfect for your nails because the nude look elongates fingers and nail beds ^_^ My very first most favorite art teacher had short thumbs like you have and she always had them some beautiful ruby shade of red.