Saturday, 21 April 2012

What Milly Wore: Fancy Florals

Hello one and all :)
I've managed to make a small photography set up in my room
So I can take outfit pictures before work!
Yes these photos were taken at 6:30am
This is probably the most organised I have been ever!
With my new job and all, I've been dressing a bit smarter
and I love it!
Earlier this week I wore this outfit which consists of:

Floral / Daffodil white yellow and green dress: Tu (sainsburys)
In the sale, plus and extra 25% off everything
so it ended up being under a tenner!
I bought LOADS of clothes from Asda and Sainsburys
so expect to see more on the blog!

Khaki Catwalk Suede Tote Bag: Jaeger London RRP £499
I love this bag so so so much.
It feels really expensive and is a great size.
and it was the biggest bargain ever!
It was reduced to £60 on BrandAlley ( my fave designer outlet)
and I had a £50 voucher (from a tesco points exchange thing)
So all I paid was £15.95 including postage!!!
It came with the original Jaeger price label on it as well,
my mum nearly had a heart attack!

Here's a slightly better picture of the bag -

Mickey Mouse Padlock Necklace: Disney Couture

Plain Black Cardi: New Look

Plain Black leggings: Primarni

Black long top: H&M 
(worn underneath, so I could wear the tu dress rolled up as a top)

Lightwieght Green Parks: ASOS (flash sale £15 ish)

Leopard / Dalmation Pony Skin Boots: Kimchi Blue via Urban Outfitters
Still my favourite booties,
I get nice comments every time I wear them
and they're really really comfy.

I didn't manage to take any more work outfit pictures this week
but I'll deffo be doing one or two next week!

What do you guys wear to work?
Do you get to wear what you like within reason?

Leave any comments below,
I love reading them :)



  1. I love your shoes, adorable! Congratulations on your new job!

  2. Loving the photos, that's dedication to do them that early! Love the top :) and the boots are fab
    I wear a uniform to work, sometimes I love it, but part of me would love a little office job wear I could wear sexy structured dresses and sky high shoes to sit down in all day xx

  3. Great photos! I love your green parka!


  4. I adore your boots! Your outfits are always so quirky, you look fab :) xxx

  5. That bag was SUCH a bargain! :D and I love that parka, I need a new one :) x

  6. Ahhh the bag is amazing! and such a bargain, I'm going to check out that website now :)
    love the boots too x

  7. love it! Check my blog darling and maybe you wanna follow each other! XoXo

  8. Total bargain bag! I love Sainsburys clothes, you can get some really nice stuff in there, it's often over looked I think!

    I wear what I like to work... Normally a dress and leggings as I find them most comfy. We (me and my boss, the MD!) wore pyjamas at work once, that is how relaxed it is!

  9. Why do you centre the text in your posts with unusual line breaks? And why do you call it 'Primarni'?

    1. Hi sophie,
      I centre my text just because I think it looks better.
      I add a line break to break up the text, and I always add it in a place where each part of the sentence will make sense on its own.
      In my personal opinion I find it annoying when text runs all the way across a blog and looks like its going to bump into the side bars and pictures.
      As a graphic designer I'm aware it's not the norm, but it's the way I like it!!

      I call it primarni, just because that's what me and all my friends call it at home, force of habit I suppose!

      Thanks for stopping by!