Saturday, 9 July 2011

Lust After: Glitter Boots

 I want some glittery ankle boots,
there I said it, happy now??

So the idea of spangled boots on your feet may not bee everyones cup of tea, but boy is it mine!
My obsession started when I first saw these Giuseppe Zanotti boots from last winter,
but at £500 it wasn't meant to be.

I've since seen them on a few bloggers and I still get a pang of need for them!
So I continued my search for something a little more purse friendly.

Next I came across these black glitter chelsea boots by Pedro Garcia at the more affordable £240 
but who am I kidding, 
still nowhere near my price bracket, and tbh I prefer the silver ones!

But then a couple of days ago it seemed my prayers have been answered
I saw the new Look Book  images for Topshop A/W 2011
and what did I spy with my beady eye??

Oh my word glittery boots :)
I've no idea when they will be launched, or how much they will be
but as long as they are around the £60-£75 mark (or less)
then they will be mine!

With a little more scouting I found this picture:


Is anyone else in on this obsession with me?
or am I on my own? 



  1. They're pretty. I'm happy for you, I love finding things that I've wanted for ages!

    Carmen Ri.

  2. Oh my God the first pair are absolutely divine! The Topshop pairs are pretty darn good too, I'll have to get myself some :)

  3. Oh my word- I want them too! Although I do already have a pair of silver boots so I'm not sure whether I can justify it.. but there's so amazing!

  4. You are most definitely not alone. I am so there and I have all fingers crossed that we both get a pair!

    Caz x

  5. Gosh I love them! but I they are a bit expensive.. I might to a DIY version. x

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