Sunday, 8 August 2010

What Milly Wore: Reliving my youth

Hi guys,
I have had a few requests for pics of my hair so here they are

Please excuse my redfacedness!
this is my natural complexion without make-up!

But yeah, I love my new hair colour
much more subtle and unique than all out highlighter pink
It reminds me of my little pony or unicorns!
I just wish it was much longer and wavier!

For upkeep I'm using a purple toner to keep it as pale and white blonde / pink as possible,
 rather than yellowy peachy pink

( tehee you can see the boy in my sunglasses)

Today I wore:

Floral Playsuit/Romper: £20 Miss Selfridge Sale (this season)
Livin in the 80's My little Pony T-shirt (underneath): Doe @ Urban Outfitters
Grey Leggings: French Connection
Metallic Pewter Bag: Topshop
Avitors (actually the boys) : 25p New Look sale!!!
( nose cushions missing but we just bought some new ones for a pound!)

Grey Measuring Tape Detail Ballet Pumps: Office Sale

I had to shorten the straps on my playsuit by a considerable amount
as it was far to long in the body!

I got nifty with my sewing machine and got rid of the bottom half of the straps
making it into a V rather than an X

so now it looks like this 

Here is the back of my romper, and what it looks like now!
looking at this pic made me realise just how short and tubby I am
like a munchkin!

I'm quite pleased with the little sewing job I did there,
I don't think it looks altered at all which is good!

Working full time again next week so not so many pretty outfits!

do you ever alter your clothes?
had any disasters??

hope you've had a great weekend



  1. Great hair, I love the tone, so cute and girly!! I have only ever turned a halterneck strap into normal straps because halterneck doesn't really suit my boobs haha!! I've always wanted to adjust clothes but I wouldn't know how or what to do. The playsuit is so cute x

  2. FABULOUS hair, it's so gorgeous. And your outfit is simply adorable :) xx

  3. Oh does the pink just wash out ?

    luvin the dungarees too

  4. That is such darling romper!! =D Great purchase indeed.


  5. Love the hair colour! wish I could dye my hair pink.

    Oh yeah, I found out that you could get that paper plane satchel you posted from aspire on ebay for £6 less. Just search for Paper plane satchel, the sellers offer free delivery too!!

  6. I love your hair so much, now i want my hair to be pink again! :)

  7. I SO nearly got that playsuit but I thought it would look silly on me, wish I'd gotten it now! x

  8. thanks fore all the lovely comments ladies! Im liking the colour of my hair right now, we will see how long it is before I change it!

    thanks for the love and support!