Thursday, 24 March 2011

What Milly Wore: Leopard Locks!

I Finally did it
and I luff it :)
My sister is a very talented lady!

This is what I wore today:
Gemmed Jumper - £25 Topshop Sale
Oversized Black T-shirt (underneath) - Vero Moda @ ASOS
Studded Bag - Topshop Last year £25 ish
Sunglasses - Rayban Wayfarers
Patterned Leggings - Holly Fulton for ASOS £22 Sale
Biker Boots - River Island £35 Sale



  1. Love your hair and those bad boy leggings! I wanted them but they sold out =( and guess what I HAVE that jumper to twiny xx

  2. GORGEOUS, I was thinking of doing this too! c: xx

  3. Wowzas that is very striking - suits you. Do you have the print both sides or just the one?

    I'm very much up for doing some sort of guest post cross over thingy - hit me up on the email for a natter? xx

  4. Your hair looks amazing!!! I love it! x

  5. yay :) I love it, it looks so so amazing! Great job sister laundrette
    Love the jumper xx