Saturday, 14 May 2011

Visual Sweets: Deadline Hell


I'm still in deadline hell atm,
just 3 more weeks and then I've finished uni forever,
and then I need to find a Job,
Scary Times eh!
Atleast once I've finished uni I should have loads of time to blog WOOT

Anyways heres some of my recent work, If you want to see what I've been up to :)

The first 3 are for my Make-up and Costume module (inspired by Japan and Harajuku girls),
The rest are for my Photography Independent Study

What do you guys think?
I would love some feeback of what you think of my work :)



  1. I'm in LOVE with that first photo, the makeup is soo well done! <3

  2. omg you did that?
    you're so talented!!! xx
    my favourite is the orange/red sunset eyes xx

  3. Wow they're all fantastic! I love the ducky faced one!