Monday, 13 February 2012

What Milly Wore: Mary & Charnos Armery

Hi guys,
hope you're surviving the cold!

I was lucky enough to be sent a pair of Armery by Charnos to try,
as part of the Charnos Blogger Challenge.
I was asked to style my Armery any way I like
to go up against the other bloggers on facebook!

But what are Armery I hear you cry? (I swear I can hear a few of you!)

You may have heard of them if your a fan of Mary Portas & watched Mary queen of frocks,
if not they are quite a simple but ingenious concept.
They are basically tights, for arms!
If like me you are not a fan of your upper arms,
they do a great job of covering them, 
whilst supporting and slightly holding you in.
Most importantly they do all of the above without adding bulk.

I was sent my Armery in Indigo, in a M/L which fit perfectly (I'm a 14)
I tried them on with all sorts of dresses that I normally don't wear without a cardigan,
and I can honestly say they are brilliant!
They look sleek and stylish 
and most of all dont look like you are trying to cover up if you get what I mean!
They are really stretchy and opaque,
and go with almost everything.

To vote for me to win the Charnos Blogger Challenge Click Here
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I'd really appreciate it, I could win some more Charnos goodies!
So here is how I wore mine:

Indigo Armery: Mary Portas for Charnos
Chinese Fan Printed Dress: Trollied Dolly
Black Treggings: Next

(close up of print on dress, Isn't it pretty! Love the indigo background colour)
Flower Hair Band: Accessorize
(It's deffo not a fascinator, we all know how much Mary Portas hates those)
Navy Blue Leather & Suede Boots: Clarks (Style Name Knitting Yarn)

(Here's a better picture, I love them they make me feel Victorian!)

So yes,
overall a brilliant product,
If you like they way I've styled them,
please go over to Charnos Facebook page and vote :)


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  1. Sorry, tried to respond to your comment with the reply thingy, but it won't work! Yeah, I would say you do need to size up. I'm a 12/14 (although more likely a 14 in trousers) and mine are the 32. Although not so much even for fitting your bum in, mine are a bit there, but more just because the legs are so, so skinny! I have kind of chunky legs but as I said, the foot hole is tiny because they're so skinny!