Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Lust After: Topshop New In August

Hi all,
Still super busy, but I really want to show you what I'm loving at the moment
Here's what I'm currently trying not to buy!
I'm a sucker for Galaxy and this jumper is just so awesome
£25 Topshop

Both items are supposed to be for bed, but you could totally wear these in the day.
Totally Cosmic!
£25 Topshop

I loved this t-shirt as soon as I first saw it,
but it sold out so quickly in all colours :(
£18 Topshop

I'm looking for a hoody to wear underneath my leather jacket
for when the weather gets colder and I think this might be it!
£22 Topshop

How very christopher kane!
and such a reasonable proce for topshop.
£26 Topshop
I saw this ages ago and then it went out of stock
I've been thinking about it ever since!
£46 Topshop
Love the colour of these,
quite classic looking but still modern.
£22 Topshop
So I've actually bought these.
My vecras are well and truly dying and these are a great replacement
even more studs :)
£32 Topshop

Last but not least
I'm loving these pastel make up brushes
by Louise Gray for Topshop
functional and pretty.
Unfortunately I don't need any atm :(

What are you lusting after?


  1. Omg, I need that skater in my life! X

  2. those pastel brushes are so pretty! I love a bit of galaxy print, the jumper is lovely! x

  3. I'm now lusting after everything on your list haha! Especially love the Geek top, I've just checked and it's not available in any Topshop's near me! :( xx

    1. I literally check the topshop website every day to see if it's in stock! I need it in my life :)

  4. Love the galaxy stuff, why did I not spot these when I ordered frm Topshop the other day?!

  5. I'm lusting after the earring i've lost yesterday somewhere in London :(
    I need to go and see if i can find a new one, like exactly the same ...
    Otherwise i'm desperatly avoiding topshop at the moment, too many desired things ! haha