Sunday, 6 September 2009

What Milly Wore: Trying out new clothes!

This is Sundays what I wore post
Fancied trying out some of my new bits and pieces,
this is kinda my worker boots outfit,
without the worker boots!

Yellow and black lumberjack shirt: H&M (lovely, cosy and lined)
Aztec print t-shirt: Topshop (sale)
Bleached skinny jeans: River Island ( have an amazing studded skull on the pocket)
Leather Converse style hi-tops: Ash (worth £125, bought from tkmaxx for £25)
Biker Bag: Angel Jackson (£180)

Ahh couldn't wait to use this bag,
you may notice it is the exact bag from my blog header!
I've been lusting after it for ages
you may also notice from a couple of posts back that I already own it in black
but the black one was second hand off eBay
So it wasn't quite the same as buying a brand new designer bag for real!

Saved up for a little while,
found there was 30% off on their website!
Just couldn't resist,
Also got my mum to order me another Angel Jackson bag for my birthday!
(its ages away but couldn't miss the 30% off)
And I got a free wallet worth £100

Might have to do a dedicated Angel Jackson post soon!

These are my new leather Hi-tops by ASH
I've loved their trainers for ages,
but always thought they were a bit overpriced,
When I found these in tkmaxx, I couldnt believe it!
They only had size 4, and I'm a 4.5 so usually end up with a 5
so I wasn't hopefull, but I tried them on, and they fitted perfectly!

I was so excited I bought two more pairs, satin low tops in red and in yellow!
Not sure whether to crystal them, keep them or sell them yet!

Last but not least
Here is a picture of my foot next to the boys!
it made me chuckle, I'm a 4.5 and he's an 11!
Im 5ft2 and he's 6ft!

yay little and large!

night night!


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