Friday, 4 September 2009

Fashion Fix: Worker Boot Trend

worker boot trend

Hi Guys!

I'm tres excited about the worker boot trend!
The pair in the picture are from ASOS called Clive
I bought them but when they arrived they were too big!
So I have sent them back, and have ordered the smaller size.
I really hope they fit me, because they are AMAZING

TBF there are loads of worker boots around this season,
Office and River Island have good selections
But I just love the studs on the ASOS boot
It's two trends in one!

If the size 4 in the asos boot doesn't fit,
I will probably get the ones from office called Marlon,
I tried them on and they are super comfy

I will be wearing them with, beanie hats, Lumberjack shirts (also a massive trend this season, i got mine from H&M) Skinny jeans to tuck in, and a slouchy cardie over the top

Bring on the Autumn!


  1. Wow I think I need those Asos boots!
    Thanks for the @replies on Twitter, I figured commenting on here would be easier since I don't have to keep it to 140 characters 'P
    Believe it or not, a couple of months ago I only had 5 or 6 followers. The beauty of fashion and beauty blogging is that people are very polite - that is, if you follow them a lot of them will follow you back XD that's how I got up to about 80 followers, then I held a giveaway (which is still going on) and now I've got 129.. you've just gotta encourage people I guess.
    But your blog is seriously awesome, you should have no trouble at all attracting followers if you put yourself out there a bit by following every damn fashion blog you can find (I just used to go through other peoples' followers lists haha).

    Although, having said that... I might have 129 followers but only about 10 of them regularly comment. To be completely honest I think I'd rather have 25 followers who all actually read and comment on my posts than have 100 and something who mostly ignore my blog. Kinda defeats the object really :) but good luck! I followed ;D


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