Wednesday, 21 July 2010

My First FOTD

So yesterday I was pretty pleased with my hair and make-up
so I snapped a few pictures before I went to work

So this is my first FOTD!

My skin is pretty bad atm, (very red, a few spots)
So I wore full coverage foundation and powder

I Used:
Borjois Healthy Mix Foundation (palest shade)
mixed with
Gosh Liquid Foundation (palest shade)

I have found this works really well for me,
as the gosh one is a good shade for my skin, but it makes me look like a ghost
and bourjois is a little dark but adds a glow

I set this using
Too Faced Candlelight Pressed Powder
 which is seriously the best thing I have ever bought make-up wise
its a very pale gold, super shimmery powder and I love the effect it gives

I then used Estee Lauder Peach Nuance
(very similar to mac ripe peach)
to add some colour back into my cheeks

On my eyes
Too faced eye primer
3  eyeshadow colours (white, pale turquoise, and a darker turqouse)
from my 120 colour palette
Urban decay transformer potion with the darker turquoise to line the outer bottom lid
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in black on my water line
Loriel Million Lashes Mascara
(on that note, its not amazing, just another mascara)

Mac Pink Fish Lip Tint (Hello Kitty)

And Ive just bleached and pinkified my hair again
much lighter pink,
more candy flossy
I love it!

and I am still forever in a struggle to get big hair!

any comments much appreciated!



  1. You look wonderful!
    What happened the last days?
    You look somehow...different.
    Your face looks...slimmer?
    Did you loose weight?
    Did something very nice happen to you?
    You look great!
    I mean it!

  2. I love your eye makeup, it looks very cool! Plus your hair looks amazing now that it's been re-dyed!

  3. Your hair looks amazing!
    Love this FOTD especially your lips, I like that they match your hair!

  4. Very nice! I love your new hair and the baby blue shadow goes beautifully with it.

  5. very lovely & sweet style.

    if you use a darker shade over the crease of your upper lid, it will gives you more definition & " a Lift ", especially if you had lined your lower lash line.

    very nice & kissable lips.

  6. I bloomin LOVE your hair!! xx

  7. Nice hair!! It's so pink. :)
    Love the blue eyeshadow, goes great with the hair and the lippie is fab.


  8. aww shucks,
    thanks for all the lovely comments!

    Joe - aww thanks hun!No nothing is different except I am wearing make-up! and usually photos of me on my blog are from my days off from work, so I like to give my skin a rest, and not wear make-up too often!
    Glad you like it though!

    Hannah: thanks lover! Im working up the courage to wear my asos crown headband with my new hair! amazing, or ott??

    Laura: I love to match, seriously I try and match everything to everything else, I would actually wear entirely pink if i could!

    Lillian: thanks babe! I want my hair a little paler but its deffo growing on me!

    LPB: yyyaayy thanks for stopping by, I love all the tips you give me! Thanks treacle!

    Carsky: Why thanks lady! I wish it was thicker and longer like yours!

    Kel: thanks for the love cupcake! It's quite pink isnt it!


  9. You're hair is just AWESOME. I want it!

    Have you ever tried dust it/Lee Staffords version to get big hair? It works really well, provides a matte texture to the hair, and it makes it BIG!

  10. OMG crown and pink hair = amazing! The fact you have pink hair is pretty OTT anyway so the crown is just going to look coool!!! DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!!