Thursday, 15 July 2010

New Arrival: Clarks Wave Shoes

As you may or may not know
I work in a traditional style shoe shop that sells Clarks among other brands!
When I was at work yesterday,
we had a delivery of shoes that I got quite excited about!

Clarks wave are another one of those concept shoes!
Clarks focus on the fact that they are comfortable and enable you to work further
They are comparable to the likes of Sketchers toning range,
fitflops, and mbts
I've been a great fan of fitflops for 3 years now,
although I own over 100 pairs of shoes
 I do find it difficult to find something truly comfortable,
and that's what I found with fitflops
the downside to that is that they are a summer toe-post
they make wintery cloggs and ugg boot styles but not a proper shoe!

For me Clarks Wave fill that gap!
I chose a style Called ' Clarks Echo Wave'

In my opinion they don't look too bad at all
usually anything with a toning, comfort or 'rocker sole' emphasis end up looking rather ugly
almost orthopaedic *cough MBT*
but although these look chunky, they are actually pretty non-descript
which I like for work

They retail for £54.99
and they do other womens styles
and mens styles too!

So I got myself a pair!
I wore them just to the corner shop and back and they are so comfy!
obviously the proper test will be wearing them all day at work etc
but they are instantly comfy when you put them on

as far as I'm aware clarks haven't done much advertising about them
which I think is a shame
because fitflops and sketchers are selling crazy well, 
and I'm sure people would jump on the wave bandwagon too!

So yeah,
I will let you all know how I got on with them!

What do you think??
do you like the idea?
do you think they are ugly?
would you wear them?


p.s although I work in a shoe shop selling Clarks I am not affiliated with them in any way, I paid for these shoes out of my own pocket, and decided to blog about them purely because I like them!


  1. I think, they are not pretty...yes...sorry...but if they are so comfortable I'll maybe wear them for a long city-shopping... maybe they can be spiced up with some funny, colourful tights...or a hot outfit...

  2. Hi joe,
    I always love your comments!
    yeah I know they are not pretty,
    they are not something I would normally wear
    however for work I have to dress smart, in a plain shirt and smart black trousers, so they would look ok!
    they are not stylish at all, but for grown-up me Im not allowed to wear nice outfits anyway!


  3. OOo i think they look decent! :D I'd definitely wear them, and the fact they're black means they'd go with a looooot of things - marvy! They look really really comfy xxx

  4. I don't think they're pretty but i don't think they're ugly either. I wouldn't wear them out but would wear them on walks or to work.

  5. I really don't like these on any level at all. I hear the comfort thing but id rather wear nothing on my feet than these. Fashion over comfort any day. Sorry just being honest.

  6. oh lordy no way at all. They kinda look like handicap shoes ? or for old women, take em back love!

  7. Jules & Lillian: thanks for the comments girls! not exactly the height of fashion I know, but seriously comfy!

    Anon 1 & 2 : ha thanks for making me smile, ok so they are a bit on the ugly side but I've seen way worse in this kind of thing! and seriously spending 8 hours on my feet, any comfy shoe is my best friend!

  8. okay fair enough comfort at work is important he he.

  9. you have an amazing blog and I will follow you cause I like it (:


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  11. I purchased a pair only yesterday and wore them out of the shop. They are soooo comfortable, and i know they will last a long time! They go with most of my jeans, and i am very pleased with my purchase. They don't look old fashioned at all. I carry them well! Don't worry what others think. Your feet will thank u for them:) x

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