Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Andrea Fulerton Nails, and a Rhinestoned phone case!

Hello readers of mine!
How are you all doing this chilly February day?

Although I have not been blogging much recently, I have still been reading a lot of blogs
and this nail varnish by Andrea Fulerton caught my beady eye!

Its the trio layering system in the colour petrol and water,
and I absolutely larrrfff it!
It was £7.99 from superdrug and I think it was well worth it.

You put the base coat on which is a kinda blacky muddy colour,
which I don't really like on its own,
but once you put the shimmery topcoat on it totally transforms!

It looks turquoise in some lights as above

and its a bit purply in other lights,
almost like a duochrome!

Also its lasted so so well,
seriously I have had it on nearly a week, 
and there is just a bit of tip wear, and next to no chipping
I'm super impressed,
nothing lasts that long on me!

I'd love to try the other colours but reports so far show 
 the others just are not as good as this colour combo!

Also I've been meaning to show you for forever,
do you like my phone case?
I did it myself using the same technique I used in one of my very first posts
for rhinestoning the front of converse!
I love its tacky goodness,
I did it about 6 months or more ago and its still going srong!

have you tried and of the Andrea Fulerton range?
do you love a tacky phone case?

let me know in the comments below!



  1. I love love LOVE the phone case! Mine has pink glitter and rhinestones c:

  2. this nail varnish sounds amazing, I barely put stuff on my nails but this looks great so I definitely want to try it out

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  3. I love those layering polishes, so so pretty! Your phone looks great, so tacky and OTT, i love it!

  4. Ooh this looks interesting, I'm usually never without a bit of something on my nails and usually layer up my own if I want something like this, but might be nice to try a properly designed one.

  5. I am terrible with nail polishes, I always get it all over my fingers like a really clumsy whale trying to do nails for a bear or somehting.. :P ok, maybe not as bad but yea! I love the case! It looks great, fun and cute :) I'm gonna have to find this post of your about converse! :)

  6. Love the site. Stay super cute!

  7. thank you for commenting on my blog lady:) am most certainly following your bloggy now. your comment was so sweet, nicest ive had for a bit. i hope you like your order when it comes along:) im gonna email you tomorrow if i get a chance for a chinwag anyways to see if there is anything else you are after. but anyway chat soon!xx

  8. Wow this looks gorgeous i want it especially if it lasts well, im the same as you nothing lasts for long really xx