Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Lust After: Spring Drop

Things I'm after this Spring

A Sheer or Silk Shirt:
£35.00 Topshop

£21.99 NewLook

£35.00 ASOS

£38.00 Never Fully Dressed

Denim Jumpsuit / Dungarees:

£28.00 ASOS

Satchel / Two Tone Bag:
 £65.00 ASOS (currently £52 with 20% off)

£80.00 Topshop

£79.99 River Island

£74.99 Clarks

£120 Orelia (now Available at Topshop online)


(Same Product)
£14.99 River Island (Also available at ASOS)

£9.99 River Island

Wide Leg Printed Trousers:

£28.99 NewLook

£45 Topshop

 £39.99 River Island

Super Wide Leg Flared Jeans:

£44.99 River Island

 £39.99 River Island

 Navy Chinos:

£30.00 ASOS

 Printed Jeans:

£45.00 Topshop

Still searching for the perfect version of most of these items!
Have you spotted anything you're after?

Not much Uni work to do at the moment
So I'm glad to be back!



  1. I'm loving satchel bags and loafers too! And, me being me, I'm lusting after all the s/s pretty sundresses that will be in stock soon! ^_^

  2. I love the ASOS shirt and the black sheer one too!! Those turbans are really cool but look ridiculous on me and the navy chinos look great too. I love all the sheer shirts around, I have a couple but want a black one. Can't make up my mind about the palazzo trousers because even though I think they're amazing I'm not sure I'd actually wear them hat much!

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  3. I'm dying for some loafers!xxx