Monday, 19 November 2012

Lust After: Topshop New Arrivals

Topshop are really hitting the nail on the head at the moment

Here are just a few of things I'm lusting after atm
p.s I may have already ordered some of them!

This arrived in the post today,
no idea when I'll wear it but it's gorgeous!

I now really feel like I NEED the matching trousers!
Black Lily Biker Leather Ankle Boots - CJG for Topshop £150
I really liked Chloe Green's designs last season
but they were all far far too high.
These rocking biker boots are far more me.
As a blogger I have a genetic predisposition to coveting anything rose gold.
I love these an ungodly amount,
I'm so tempted to just order them right now,
but I'd be so sad if they went in the sale after Christmas!
These are so versatile,
go with anything,
covered in studs, what more could you want?
And they also come in black!
gorgeous shiny leather
these look super expensive and designer
get in my wardrobe!



  1. Ooh I love the galactic print combo! I still haven't bought anything in a galaxy print even though I really want to.

  2. That blazer! And those boots! Oooooh baby, they are beautiful!x

  3. Do you know anywhere still selling this blazer, I'm desperate for it?!