Monday, 30 December 2013

The Christmas Jumper Challenge Day 12: Tacky Vintage Christmas

So Christmas is over!
Hope you all had a lovely one, I'm not back at work just yet
so although I'm full of cold I'm grateful for the time off :)

So for my final Christmas outfit I wore: 

Black leggings fom Matalan
Red & While Spotty/Polka-Dot Bodycon Dress from Topshop (sale, summer)
Check Bobble Beanie Hat from Miss Selfridge (sale a week or two ago)

I saved the best jumper till last!
This one was a present from my sister last Christmas
I challenged her to find me the tackiest, cheesiest xmas jumper
and she succeeded!
It's vintage and features a fully embellished applique Christmas house scene
complete with furry dog and teddy bear!

I used my Black Yasmin Rising Orb Tote by Vivienne Westwood
I thought the colours went really well.
This is one of my favourite bags, It was from My Wardrobe a couple of years ago, 
and I'm dying to get my mitts on it in red.

Finally it was super cold so I finished with my trusty pale gold shimmer Uggs 
that were from ASOS many moons ago.

And thats it,
Hope you've enjoyed this series and hopefully I'll continue blogging more in 2014!

Have a fabulous new year, and speak to you soon!


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