Monday, 28 June 2010

Good Morning!

Good morning lovely readers

I was just sat here, waiting for a Topshop parcel that should hopefully arrive today
and I got thinking
I spent loads of money on clothes bags etc,
but what's the point?
It doesnt make me any better as a person
 and there are much more sensible things I could do with my money

but then I decided,
I like surrounding myself in pretty things!
This is the only time I'm going to have where I have a lot more money coming in 
than going out on bills etc,
so why not spend it while I can
before I get a mortgage and kids

everyone goes on about how much I shop
but I shop within my means
I have no debt (except sudent)
and I'm a complete bargain hunter!

I do own some expensive items,
but they are always reduced in some way
and can be kept forever!

So Im going to keep on shopping


oh and here are some beautiful piccies Ive been hoarding!



  1. how freakin awesome is that pic with the naked chick with a pic on her.. i wonder if its a tatoo? that would be siiccccckkk.


    I feel ya. Im a total bargain hunter! xx

  2. Where's the picture of the girl underwater from? I NEED to know who took that.

    Bargain hunter for liiiife :)
    I got a vintage writing case and a dress for 2 euro the other day. Woop!

  3. thanks for the comments ladies!
    yyyaaay bargain hunting!

    1 i think it is a tattoo actually

    2 No idea about the underwater girl, sowwy :(