Saturday, 5 June 2010

What Milly Wore: It's a Hair Affair!

Good evening chickadees
 This is what I wore... erm a few days ago!

Spotty Dress: New Look £15
Black Cardigan: Topshop
Black Leggings: New Look
Name Necklace: Tatty Devine
Cat Ballet Pumps: Topshop

Upon taking the above what Milly wore picture earlier this week
I realised, I have crap hair!
TBH Id let it go a bit, hadn't dyed it or had it cut in ages
let alone trying to style it!

So I got my hair cut at a local salon
and then me and my sister got to dying it last night and I LUFF it!

(apologies for the lack of make-up trying to give my sensitive skin a rest!)

Although its been asymmetric for a while, with a little undercut going on
It had grown out, and really didn't look like anything proper!
So I asked the girl to shave the one side closer so it would take longer to grow back!
and when I dyed it, after the rebleaching / pinking and rootidge fixing
I put some blue on my wee shaved bit!
I likey!

It means I can wear it all across like this for funky days
or all down to cover my little secret for work!

Next I'm thinking a leopard print bit

Anyway, this is what I wore today

Ramskull Vest: Allsaints
Skull Necklace: Disney Couture
Skinny Jeans: New Look
Tattoo Ballet Pumps: Underground
Wang a like bag: Ebay
Sunglasses: Rayban

What do you think of my hair
too extreme?
do I look like an emo boy?
or do you like it?

Would you guys be interested in seeing how I dye it?

Hope you all have a fab weekend!



  1. Fantastic hair!!! And a wonderful dress. I LOVE spotty clothes and I'm browsing all online shops for a spotty dress or top for my spotty sandals. I wish you a sunny sunday!

  2. Your hair is gorgeous, as it your fashion sense! I would love to see how you dye your hair, previous attempts of such colours by me tend to lead to straw textures ): x

  3. Love the hair! Gorgeous colours :) Looking forward to seeing it in leopard print!

  4. Lovely hair! Can't wait to see the leopard print next!