Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Lust After: Topshops new A/W collection!

so we all know I love a bit of topshop
and over the last few days I've seen a couple of posts including pictures of their new collection
and I was in love!

So as not to bore you with a repeat post of all the new piccies
I have decided to pic out my faves
and rave to you about what I like so much about it!

yum yum
what a combo!
I'm a huge fan of leather,
bags, boots, jackets etc!
So I'm tres excited about military boots still being around
especially combined witth a leather jacket,
underwear as outerwear dress
and AMAZING studded leather hat!

Did I mention this hat is amazing,
I seriously LOVE it!
I dunno how expensive its going to be
 but if its not ridiculous,
Im gonna get it!

O.K 3 things I like about this image!
1. Hat with ears I love hats with ears,
I own a few so I cant wait to get them out again!
2. Chunky knitted scarves, I had to get one hand knitted last year 
because I couldnt find one chunky enough,
so hopefully there will be more around this year
3. Leopard print (fake) fur coat! I have one, and I love mine
lots and lots and lots

victorian boots,
victorian dress
and a crazy studded jacket!
yes please!

Item wise,
these are a few that stood out to me!
This coat is amaze
I assume its fake,
but i like that it looks kinda real
with the different hues and whatnot!

I think this is the jacket from the other pic,
I love studds,
and leather jackets
so any combo of the two is great,
especially when its a leather denim look gilet!

I have wanted to make one of these ripped t-shirts for so long
but apparently its a real pain in the arse,
and tres time consuming
so topshop have done it for us!

Oh Wow
Studded cardigan waistcoat
words cannot describe,
wonder if it will be heavy??

Military Cape
I really wanted a cape last year but didnt get one,
There was a duffle cape on ASOS but I didnt get it cos it never went in the sale!
So yeah I think thats on my list this year!

Hope you enjoyed,
let me know what you guys think of it!!



  1. I like some of it but a lot of it reminds me of 'derelict' :P

  2. ehi, i was looking for a stud leather gilet and i found that one in your blog...can you please tell me the brand so i'll be able to look for it somewhere????..i really would like to buy it!!!!!thx