Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Lust After: Bunny Wrap Cardigan

so I want this cardigan sooo badly
It is Gorgeous!
I'd never seen it before this week,
but it seems I'm a little behind
ASOS had it before Christmas and it's sold out!

Its properly amazing!
I've done my research and its by Fairground,
It's called their ' bunny wrap cardigan'
and its £95!!
which I'm afraid is just too much for me
Especially since when ASOS had it it was £75!

As seen on Marina from Marina & the Diamonds

and the gorgeous Diana Vickers

I'm gonna have to see if i can find a cheap Japanese version on eBay

would you wear a cardigan with bunny ears on it?



  1. Personally, I could never pull that off!


  2. I would wear a bunny ear cardigan for sure. I have my eye on some bunny and cat ear headbands from ASOS!! This cardi is IMMENSE!!!

  3. I would wear it as something to lounge around in during the winter. It looks so comfty!!