Sunday, 7 March 2010

New Arrival: Nail Varnish, Nudes and Nylons!

'ello tink
how are we all this fine Sunday??

Thought I would show you guys some recent purchases of mine!

Went on a little O.P.I kick!
found a really good store on ebay

I bought L to R:
Tickle my Francey
My Private Jet
Absolutely Alice
Mad as a Hatter
Rapidry Topcoat

I larf them all,
I especially am in love with mad as a hatter
my god its the glitteriest thing I have ever seen
however it was a NIGHTMARE to get off

Nail varnish remover didn't do a lot,
so I resorted to picking it off
and it took half the top layer of my nails with it!

So now they are all uneven and bumpy :(

thought I would show you how I store my polishes

I know its not the most organised of collections,
but I love my paul frank pouch and had to put it to use!

Talking of nail varnish,
when looking through my mothers nail polish box I found these

and she hardly ever wears nail varnish,
and I'm sure I haven't seen her wear these colours even though they are pretty old
So I have borrowed them :)

and I cant believe I forgot to take a picture
I love it,
I know I'm buying into all the hype
but its such a nice colour

I was on a waiting list for a few weeks from my local Chanel counter
and she phoned me and I went and got it!
I got a little white Chanel paper bag too,
I had a perma-smile for about 2 days!

anyway back to my new arrivals

I got this trompe l'oeil inspired dress from oasis
Its soo cute,
very comfy and easy to wear
I bought it in black with a white print as well!

I got this over sized jumper from New Look
I love its fairytale theme,
and of course nude colouring again!

It even has pearls sewn onto the frame!
I also bought it in grey,
Its over sized so I bought the size down,
Its also slightly cropped

last but not least
I bought these skirts from topshop
I bought the green one first and then went back for the black and grey/lilac
they are made from nylon and elastane
they are almost like thick tights material!
the come in one size,
and they are amazingly stretchy,

they are a really versatile design, you can wear them as a high waisted skirt, t-shirt tucked in
pull them down for a knee length pencil
or ruche it up for a mini!

phew that's it for now guys,
don't forget to scroll down and enter my 50 followers giveaway!



  1. i really love the oasis dress, its a really flattering fit too

  2. I love your nail polish buys, I hate MPJ and have just ordered the two Alice glitters from that site!
    Interested in Tickle My Francey, any chance of a NOTD?
    I have the Oasis dress in black I love it! And I'm definitely looking into those TS skirts!

  3. Nice purchases :)

    How much were the Topshop skirts, if you don't mind me asking? The versatility is rather appealing to me! Can definitely see the black or grey fitting nicely into my wardrobe!

  4. I saw someone wearing that Oasis dress in black on the tube on Friday.

  5. aww thanks for all the comments guys
    I feel loved!

    Laura- yay glad your inspired! as Im not really a beauty blogger so ive never done an fotd or notd, but next time I do my nails nice I may take a picture! also took me ages to work out what MPJ meant! I havnt tried it yet!

    Heartshapedbruise: the skirts were £25 each, not that cheap, but i reckon they could be a wardrobe staple!