Wednesday, 10 March 2010

New Arrival: Alice in Wonderland by Paul & Joe

Hi guys!

Other than taking pictures of myself for uni
(not just for fun *cough cough*!)

I have also been waiting for an asos order
and today it arrived!

It's the Alice in wonderland tin by Paul & Joe
I was really gutted I didn't get my hands on an urban decay palette
so thought I would plump for this to ease my pain!

It came in a gorgeous cardboard sleeve / box
it's quite textured and expensive feeling
and the little illustrations are so darling!

Here's the tin itself,
It came in two colourways,
blue packaging with a peach lipstick (which is what I went for)
and pink packaging with a pink lipstick

Open it up and inside is a blotting paper holder (with mirror)
perfect for in your handbag
Blotting paper refills
and the lipstick
The tin is pretty sturdy,
and everything feel really good quality

Here's the lipstick
I swatched it for you
and erm there was no point showing it to you!
it is so sheer there is next to no pigment at all
just a little shimmery, felt moisturising though

and here they are in my hand for size comparison!

Overall I love it!
Its worth it for the packaging alone in my book!
its well made and so so cute!
However I was considering getting both colourways
and I'm really glad I didn't
With the lipsticks lack of pigment, almost like a lip salve,
I assume the pink would be pretty much the same
so yeah, no need to get both!

have you considered buying it?
or do you have the urban decay palette?

(if you do I'm jealous!)



  1. You look absolutely beautiful.
    I have the UD alice box of shadows and i do love it but i think the packaging of this is even more stunning. I would plump for the blue and peach set too. I really want it just for the packaging but i don't think i can justify the price :( I don't really need blotting papers and the lippie is so sheer :/
    but... it's so cute!

  2. Wow, you look amazing in those pics! Esp your hair and makeup - are those 100s and 1000s on your eyes?
    I ordered the same Paul & Joe set, can't wait for mine to arrive but I chose the cheapest (and slowest) shipping from ASOS haha!
    How big is the tin compared to an A4 piece of paper if you don't mind checking for me? Thanks!!

  3. thanks girlies!
    yes its sprinkles on my eyes! there are some other pics from that shoot too but I still need to edit them!

    I know what u mean about the price lillian, you get so much more for your money with the ud palette

    laura, the tin is about a quater of an A4 piece of paper (a6!) sooo, cute, im sure you'll be pleased!


    p.s ermm what do you do with blotting paper?? lol

  4. Hee hee. Blotting paper is sort of like powder, you press it on your face where you have any excess oil or shine.

  5. You look gorgeous! Please tell me where you got your top from! :)

  6. hi sian,
    its from river island
    its more of a dress than a top
    just kinda bodycon simple shape,
    great with leggings

    I only bought it bout 2 days ago, so it should be still in store
    and best of all it was only 19.99!

    I'm not normally a fan of river island, but they are coming out with loads of cute stuff!

    I also bought a dress same kinda shape, with loadsa little unicorns printed on it! lush