Sunday, 21 March 2010

My first Beauty Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Hi guys,
The reason I am showing you the god awful picture above is today I'm doing my first review!
Ive never really ventured into the beauty blogging world before
so please bare with me!
I don't know the correct terms for things,
but I can give my honest novices opinion, hopefully to help other newbies!

I bought the new Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation & concealer, from boots yesterday!
I had seen it in magazines and saw the display,
I tested it on the back of my hand and thought it was worth a try.
I bought it with my points as well, so nothing to loose really!

As you can see my skin is very red,
in fact it can get 10 x as bad as the photo above
(and I am wearing a little light reflecting shimmer above
which seems to take away some of the redness)
I'm also quite pale, and I'm not really a foundation wearer
as I've never found anything I'm happy with.

Here is me with just the concealer and foundation on!
The products both smell really nice,
I'm generally really funny about strong smells,
but this was just pleasant and fresh, and the smell dissipated quite quickly.
Colour wise this is 51 the palest they had, its an OK match but not great
Its not pale enough and a bit too yellow/orange based
rather than pink beige.
Having said that I really like the consistency and coverage,
it was super easy so apply evenly even though I'm not used to foundation!
I used the concealer under my eyes and on my nose, underneath the foundation.

and here is my make-up complete!
I showed my sister during the process and she said with all my normal red tones taken away I looked to pale, so I applied some estee lauder shimmer powder and pout bronzer on top.
I feel i look a little too orangey for my liking,
but that's a combo of the foundation and bronzer.
being naturally red I have never had use for a blusher, I seriously don't own one,
so a blusher is now on my to buy list!

Overall , I really like this foundation, and I will persevere with it,
combining it with different powders etc to see if I can look less yellowy,
love the consistency and ease of application though!

Hope you found this interesting!

Any ideas on what colour / type / brand of blusher I should get??

Have you tried the new Bourjois foundation? what do you think?

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  1. Ooh it does give great coverage, shame Bourjois don't cater as well for us pale people! Maybe it'll be a better match in the summer?
    I love MAC Pink Swoon blush, it's a really nice natural baby pink colour.

  2. Wow that coverage is great! I wanted to try itbut alas, am far, far too pale. I find the only foundation to suit my skin is bobbi brown, they have an amazing array of colours.

    As for blusher I stick to light pinky tones, benefit dandelion is the one I usually reach for, but I don't apply a lot as I awful have very red skin!

    Great post

  3. Hunny, I think you look just perfect with the foundation and concealer on. Your natural redness was just peeping through, which makes you look so natural and pretty. All I would have done was forget the bronzer and just added a tiny bit more blusher on your cheeks, a red/pink to top up where your natural redness is popping through. Then I think you'd look perfect! No need for bronzer it looks too heavy for you, the foundation alone evens out your skintone but still keeps you looking natural because of your rosey cheeks popping through.

    Blusher wise, I'd probably say something like Nars Orgasm, or if you can get hold of the cheaper verson Milani Luminous (LOVE THIS).

    I want to see more FOTD's now!!! You look so perfect with just foundation and concealer on, touch of blusher and voila... you'll be all set!


  4. aww thanks for the positive response guys!

    grr at make-up companys lack of shades for pale and dark skins!

    Jo - thanks so much for your reply hun! its SUPER helpful, I see what you mean actually about how it looked before the bronzer! so I shall get me some blusher and stick to that. glad you like the post, I'm more of a fashion girl myself, but all you beauty bloggers keep tempting me with your posts! Im just getting into mac atm,Im gonna put in an order when the liberty collection comes out, I was thinking about getting the beauty powder in shell pearl, do you think that would work as a blusher for me?

    again thanks for the comments I really appreciate it, Im such a newbie!


  5. Awww so glad I could help hunny. You really do look so different with make up on, well we all do really... I look like a different person with none on ha! Big blue bags under my eyes etc.. unever skin tone :( Make up just hides our flaws, thats what I like to tell myself anyway, it can't change our features just enhances them and you have gorgeous features and look sooo pretty with an even base.

    Im not sure about the beauty powder hun. Not seen it yet or a swatch, but I'll have a look around on the net tomorrow (going bed in a min) and let you know what I think.


  6. ooh I'm so glad I found your blog!
    the foundation/concealer looks really good!
    Thanks for posting your 'before' photo too - it's so helpful...I saw reviews for this before but seeing actual photos of it working makes a big difference - I'm deffo gonna get some now.
    love your hair by the way! :]

  7. Hi! Great review!
    To be honest I am not agreeing with everyone above about you using a pink blush.. it would honestly make your cheeks stand out even more and you may end up looking a little... dare I say it... clownish? I used to get red cheeks during my pregnancy and the only blush I was able to wear was a peach coloured blush. Unfortunately I dont have any pictures of those red cheeked days, but trust me... steer clear of pinks unless you want to completely cover your red cheeks before adding your foundation.
    The best way to do that is by using a green coloured concealer which looks awful until you apply your foundation, but it mutes out the red colour, then you can use whatever blusher you want.
    I hope this helps? I love peachy colours for spring too :)
    Maybelline Peach Satin mousse blush is a great starting point, quite subtle :)

  8. Ooh wow, the coverage is so great! I find this too yellow and not quite pale enough for me too. Some cheap blushes i really like are the Barry M ones which are only £5 and really pigmented and finely milled. Or maybe you could try a cheek tint, like 2Trues lip and cheek stain (which is basically a cheapo benefit) because then you could just add a tiny flush of colour.

    Also, ok this probably sounds very weird, but would you mind if i maybe used the first picture of you in a painting? There's just something i find really beautiful and inspiring about it and want to paint you! I completely understand if you're not happy with that though, especially as you don't like the photo yourself :)

  9. awwww I'm feeling so much love right now!
    thanks for all your advice and comments!

    Penny lane: glad I helped, its on offer at boots, I think there is about 2 pounds off, and if you spend over £10 (i think) you get a £5 no7 or ruby and millie voucher!

    Nikki: ooh thanks for the advice, as I say ive never really used foundation and therefor have had no need for blusher. peach sounds like a good idea though, I wanted the new mac ripe peach blusher untill it sold out! as you say its cute for spring too. Ive never used green concealer either, kinda seen it around and though what the hell is that for!! now I know! *counts pennies* must go to boots asap!

    Lillian: hey lillian my most frequent commenter! I might have a look and see if barry m have a peach kinda colour, I think its worth getting a cheap one just incase i hate it! of course you can use my picture for a painting! Im doing an art/photography degree so can totally see that you can see beauty in things that you wouldnt nessicarily (sp) call pretty! when I was uploading the pics and saw that one I was like ewww, but atleast it showed a good transformation!


  10. This produce looks lovely and looks like it gives a much better coverage than my MAC foundation (which is a bit light/milky in texture)!

    I have naturally rosy skin too (my sister has a classic english rose complexion...I hate her, haha! ;)) so your makeup etc reviews would be awesome.

    I've just started using blusher too - I just wanted to try so I got one at a Body Shop outlet - you can see it in my Outlet Shopping video. It has a light pink and darker pink so you can mix and match to how your skin is feeling! :)

    Carla xxxx xxxx

  11. Just recently found your blog, I adore it! x]

    The product looks good on. It looks very natural.
    btw, your hair'S stunning! I've always wanted to dye my hair it just never came out right xD

  12. Milly, you are really lovely. With or without makeup! I would kill to have such beautiful skin :)